Psychology Degrees

Popular Online Psychology Degrees

Popular Online Psychology Degrees

Popular Online Psychology Degrees –  Knowing the mind and human behaviour is the hallmark of psychology. The discipline is basically an invitation to individuals who are interested in studying learning processes, memory and cognition, psychological development and human behavior, to mention a few. Most practicing psychologists are employed with their own clinics. Others might work in various settings spanning business, company, advertising, research, government and non-profit classes.


There are many degree programs available in psychology accessible through both the campus and online modes spanning Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees. A graduate of a Bachelor program can start a career as a helper to a practicing licensed psychologist or assist with experimental research.

For those whose heart lies in practicing in the psychology profession, a Doctoral level is strongly recommended though a Master’s level can perform. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates a Doctoral degree is vital in many instances for practicing as licensed psychologists. Both Master and Doctoral degrees require a dissertation and internship under a licensed psychologist. A Bachelor degree usually spans around 3 years whereas Associate’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees last about two decades.

Permit is required for training as a psychologist and demands a lot of hands on work. Professional expertise for a couple years is essential over and above the internship done [3 weeks to 1 year] as part of Master’s and Doctoral level programs. Potential psychologists also should qualify from the State licensing examinations for psychologists.

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Course content for all these applications usually revolves around subjects such as research methods, clinical sciences, cognition, behavioural psychology, biology, statistics and social and developmental psychology. Specializations can be selected in areas of sports, child psychology, clinical psychology, college counselors and organizational psychology.

Career outlook for the psychology field is called to be positive. The discipline has various types of psychologists like developmental psychologists, child psychologists, clinical psychologists, organizational psychologists and counseling psychologists. People who possess higher educational qualifications like Doctoral degrees are expected to gain from most in the thriving competition.

Earnings or salaries in this subject can be lucrative for those who have established practices or people who have made their mark in employment. They vary based on the practicing subject. The maximum 10% within this field attracted more than $87,060 yearly in 2002. The median yearly earnings for college psychologists stood at $54,980, whereas it was71,400 for organizational psychologists. Employment opportunities exist in fields like management, human resources, marketing, research and corporate training among other avenues.

The increase in the psychology discipline is expected to be fueled by the growing demand for health care and clinical services, inclusion and awareness of psychology elements in the school curriculum and growth of medical services.